“UHURU” means independence in Swahili

56,7% of girls experienced the first childbirth by the age of 19, and the number of enforced dropouts from school due to pregnancy is reported to be 8000 a year in Tanzania. We provide educational opportunities for children to have self-reliance and think seriously about their future.

Students who left schools are difficult to return to work or get a job after delivery due to lack of learning and lack of support, and are likely to fall into poverty. As the number of students attending secondary school increase as the result of free education backed by the government, the dropout rate due to pregnancy is expected to increase; therefore, adequate measure should be taken urgently.

<blockquote, blockquote=”” p=””> The goal of Class for Everyone (C4E) to this task is to create a model to prevent social isolation caused by young pregnancy through education, and encourage the model to spread and be introduced throughout Tanzania. Specifically, first of all, we will conduct sex education classes that effectively convey the tasks of young pregnancies, with the mothers as young pregnancies, as instructors, to young pregnant students, to the primary school students, along with skits By providing opportunities to cultivate learning motivation, we implement an educational program to recognize the importance of avoiding future unwanted pregnancies and continuing school attendance. Next, after grasping the effect of the questionnaire survey at the school of the program, we input the usefulness of the program to the Ministry of Education and encourage dissemination of the program in Japan.