Sex education program is carried out by using sex education picture book “TATU and MBILI” in about 90 minutes. Ice breaks to unravel students’ tension in the first 15 minutes, reads and discusses “TATU and MBILI” for 45 minutes, and a questionnaire survey and summarizes in the last 30 minutes. The most exciting part of the class is where the students demonstrate a scene where young pregnant girls tell the facts to their fathers and mothers. Students nominated for each role will discuss each other’s words.

Classes are conducted by four men, two men and two women of the team, and each part is assigned to each person in charge. What I inherit through the part is that students concentrate on studying and do not have sex while young. Students also witnessed the situation of the main character’s girl getting worse and worse as the story goes on, and students who did not concentrate at the beginning will come to think deeply about the meaning of the words.

With only unexpected event, you have to quit school, you will have to grow up children by yourself.
How to prevent this one time, what kind of action should be taken for that …
Because it is an experienced person whose life has become crazy greatly by that mistake, it can feel that it is possible to tell it to the students, and you can realize again the importance of the heat of words.


Young mothers

We are working together with three mothers, Anna, Mary and Ayleen, young pregnant experienced. Everyone is young in their early twenties. What is common to all people is that there are young children, and that no men are to be husbands. There is no such thing as two people living with children, basically they are living with their parents and brothers, and there is no situation in which they are completely isolated. Of course there may be cases in which you have been separated from your parents. While struggling with the feelings of having the greatest fun of everyday life and conflicting feelings of great disturbance in the future of himself, she shows her appearance in a hard life.