The problem to be solved is the prevention of unexpected young pregnancy in Tanzania. In Tanzania, 44% of girls experienced the first childbirth by the age of 19, and the number of enforced dropouts from school due to pregnancy is reported to be 8000 a year in the country.

Students who left schools are difficult to return to work or get a job after delivery due to lack of learning and lack of support, and are likely to fall into poverty.



In response to this situation, we are doing two activities using a mobile library car. The first is a sex education program that gets correct knowledge about sex. Case studies are conducted with children who are around 12 years old before starting sexual behavior using picture books that talk about pregnant girls’ subjects. The second is an educational program that gives independence by rooting reading habits. By strongly thinking about my future, I have strong awareness of protecting my body.



Main objective of this project is to reduce dropout due to pregnancy which is said to be 8,000 in Tanzania annually throughout the project. We will propose effective measures and propose it to the local education office and the district committee so that it will be established as an annual curriculum. Also, I am considering hiring a mother who experienced young pregnancy as an education practitioner. We will provide opportunities to participate in social activities by engaging in projects by conducting training to encourage preventive actions while talking about their own experiences and aim to create forms that will help livelihood of their girls.